IoT Positioning | Location Accuracy

hellaPHY™ RSTD supports ultra-low power positioning for IoT device.

Acorn’s hellaPHY RSTD suite of products are designed for high accuracy and low power location services on existing LTE networks.  Acorn has identified a market need for location aware devices and applications that require long battery life and works indoors, and cannot utilize GNSS based positioning.  The products can supplement GNSS for indoor applications and provide near GNSS accuracy outdoors at a fraction of the power and cost of a GNSS enabled device.

hellaPHY RSTD can provide low power and low cost position accuracy in a configuration specifically designed for IoT (6RB, single antenna) devices. The hellaPHY RSTD IP core for IoT devices requires less than 140 MIPs during a PRS occasion and less than 3 MIPs between PRS occasions and requires only 8 KB of data memory.  The program code is a compact 9 KB.