Today’s semiconductor products contain literally billions of transistors. There is a big payoff to making them perform better while using less power, especially in an era when Moore’s Law is no longer automatically delivering steady advances in transistor speed and performance.

We help global semiconductor companies address critical challenges so they can bring more advanced, high-performing ICs to a new generation of mobile, computing and networking devices. Backed by a large set of fundamental patents, Acorn’s semiconductor technologies deliver performance enhancements and reductions in power consumption.  Our core competencies include the highly specialized ability to shrink transistor size and channels, as well as expertise in new materials, strained silicon and nanoscaling.

Acorn Technologies’ semiconductor strain innovations deliver a performance boost for both future FDSOI low power ICs and for semiconductor legacy manufacturing, and we are also solving power challenges of today’s silicon chips that typically waste approximately 30% of their battery power due to inefficient semiconductor transistor contacts – the industry’s biggest performance issue at 14 nm technologies and below.  Acorn’s low contact-resistance solutions will become increasingly important in the coming post-silicide era.

We also are paving the evolution path to new, metal source-drain transistors that offer the ultimate in scalability for the most advanced and power-efficient mobile ICs.  We have also developed a patented germanium laser technology that promises a silicon-compatible, photonics-on-a-chip solution for overcoming the interconnect bottleneck that limits performance and causes excessive power consumption.

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