hellaPHY CE

It all starts with good channel estimation. Below shows hellaPHY CE+PE integrated into an existing receiver design. High-quality channel estimates improve the overall efficiency of the system. Additional information like timing and Doppler feed higher layers, opening up new applications like LTE OTDOA-based positioning.

Upgrading a receiver with hellaPHY CE results in industry-beating performance.

Algorithm-wise, hellaPHY CE is unlike anything on the market. State-of-the-art solutions are based on frequency-domain pilot filtering with Wiener optimizations. However, in practice, these schemes are suboptimal due to model mismatch. Moreover, complexity constraints (filter length) limit how well these schemes exploit available pilot information. hellaPHY CE is a radical departure from traditional approaches.

Drawing inspiration from the latest in machine learning, hellaPHY CE intelligently computes the time-domain channel impulse response. This leads to a final channel estimate of unparalleled quality. hellaPHY CE completely sidesteps the traditional complexities involved with filtering, allowing it to make use of 100% of available pilot energy. hellaPHY CE dynamically optimizes itself to the channel on a per-symbol basis, requiring no channel statistics, thereby avoiding classic model mismatch issues.


The above cumulative distribution function is the result of various 3GPP 36.101 test cases. “Idealized WF” is a WF having perfect statistical knowledge of the channel it is estimating.

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