Software Solutions – Algorithms and IP Cores

Acorn’s modem and transistor solutions deliver a leap in computational performance and spectral efficiency for mobile computing and wireless networking applications. The solutions are designed to improve basic operating performance of wireless devices,  allowing for performance gains in positioning, spectral efficiency, and data speeds, and connection quality. Other IP process cores address semiconductor performance, in reducing device resistance, improving channel performance, leading to significant gains in semiconductor performance and power reduction.

While initially targeted at LTE networks, the company’s solutions in the form of software IP cores, and algorithms are also applicable to any OFDM standard including Wi-Fi, and consistently deliver performance differentiation against any alternative solution. All solutions are initially designed for the lowest, least resource base case and are therefore completely scalable, and can be implemented in any way the designer chooses for a given application whether in hardware, DSP code, or application software. All of Acorn solutions are patented and licensable, and available today to drop into customer designs.