The name of the game in wireless is to increase performance and data rates while minimizing power consumption.

Acorn provides solutions for a broad range of applications from smartphones to IoT devices to infrastructure equipment both large and small and provides significant data capacity and throughput improvements that are integral to meeting the challenges of wireless broadband, including WiFi, 4G and next-generation 5G.

Acorn’s IP-protected hellaPHY™ solution takes LTE system designers a big step forward in significant performance improvements that will improve spectral efficiency, addressing a major concern for today’s new wireless mobile networks. Our technology delivers as much as 60% better spectral efficiency as compared to existing solutions, and is a key element in achieving the 1000X challenge goal set for tomorrow’s OFDM-based wireless communications networks.

Together, Acorn Technologies’ mobile computing and semiconductor advances, combined with its innovative IP cores and technology, are helping to deliver the necessary coverage, performance, and capacity that will enable the next generation of home , business, and wireless broadband networks.

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