Semiconductor Products

Acorn semiconductor products provide a path to metal source/drain transistors that represent the ultimate transistor embodiment in terms of scalability, computational performance (speed) and low power consumption for mobile applications.

Acorn addresses three critical performance limiters, by providing unique device speed improvements through higher mobility channels, crucial reduction of parasitics in the metal semiconductor contact through innovative material stacks and a visionary path towards an on-chip optical signal to address the interconnect bottleneck.

AMT Technology

Acorn’s AMT technology portfolio provides a solution to the impending metal-semiconductor contact resistance crisis in advanced integrated circuits and a path to metal source/drain transistors.

AGL Photonics-on-a-Chip

This on-chip optical communications technology provides a robust and low power optical interconnect solution for advanced SoCs with multiple CPU and memory blocks. AGL addresses power consumption and interconnect performance by providing a platform for on-chip optical interconnects and clock distribution, delivering both high speed optical data communication and lower energy per bit communicated.

AFS Strain Technologies

Acorn’s AFS strain technologies provide an additional option for introducing beneficial strain into planar transistors (bulk and SOI). The strain delivered by AFS is additive to other strain mechanisms already implemented by an IC manufacturer to boost IC performance.