Innovation and the ability to solve tough challenges are at the core of Acorn’s customer value. We anticipate, identify and solve problems that often lie as much as a decade ahead on industry roadmaps, and have fostered a longstanding culture of innovation.

Our heritage of innovation is reflected in a team of experts and scientists whose long list of inventions are significantly impacting so many aspects of modern daily life. We have created an environment where we have access to some of the leading technical experts and business leaders in our chosen fields. Innovating over a long time horizon requires access to those that have the long term global view of technical design and development trends and a deep understanding of which challenges are worth focusing on.

For example in the Telecom field, our earliest work was on WiMAX solutions, which is now important for LTE networks, and we correctly anticipated the post Bulk Planar transistor architecture that since the 1970s has served as the basis for all semiconductor design. Today, our technologies apply to all types of transistor architectures, and our semiconductor strain innovations deliver a performance boost not only for future FDSOI low-power ICs, but also for devices manufactured using legacy semiconductor manufacturing nodes (the bulk of semiconductor manufacturing for many years to come).

One of our primary focus areas is solving the problem of today’s silicon chips with inefficient semiconductor transistor contacts — the industry’s biggest performance issue at 14 nm technologies and below. We have also developed IP cores and other technology innovations that solve key performance problems in 3G and 4G networks, while contributing to leaps in computational performance and spectral efficiency.